Falling in like.

How do you actually explain feelings like this?
What happened to the good old days? When, you just told the person you like ‘ I like you’ or the person you love ‘ I love you’? All these have turned into dust and it’s swept under an old ‘welcome home’ mat.
It’s all so complicating now. Falling in like? What in the bollocks is this?
But nowadays, it seems all true. No one tells anyone that they love them. Where has all the love gone?
War. Politics. Fights. Abuse. Slavery. Human trafficking.
All these developed out of the lack of care & love for one another. It’s not the movies, watching someone die on screen is not the same as watching someone die in reality. In the movies it’s just one more body. In real life, it could be someone’s child, parent or sibling.
People should start to love. Or should learn how to love. It’s not all just about Valentine’s Day or sex or merely just kisses and hugs, but it’s about caring about the well being of one another.
Let love be the power. Let love make us strong. Let love be for everyone.

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