Where is the LOVE? :)

Clocks tick, cars pass, buildings reconstructed, friends became enemies. Time passed so fast like it couldn’t wait to consume tomorrow. Days felt like seconds passed, months felt like days, & time all of a sudden became too precious of thing to waste. The times with friends, family, work, lovers, were so precious. Space should never come in between and interrupt. In all of these happenings, my eyes have seen friends grow, leaving , and coming back. 
They grow into more elegant,beautiful,smart and conscious of they people around them. It’s no more just the makeup, hair or clothes they wear. These eyes have also seen lovers grew apart or some grew closer. See them cry, see them laugh. Some trying to make amends,some on the verge of giving up. My heart and mind, learnt from all these. 
Seeing that nothing is perfect but at least we learn from them. We take bits and pieces, learn from them and be alert of those things coming to hurt you or the people you love. 
Everyone’s been hurt before. It’s no more a new thing, unfortunately it’s becoming a trend. It’s sad that the words coming out of another person’s mouth is ‘ I hurt them for fun’ or ‘ I hit you and you cry. You’re such a wuss’. All these are hurtful things and it becomes violent. It makes life something you would want to end. Some even, see the end of the road already. Just because of what other people do to them. Love is actually a simple thing. Doing good to others is also considered love. Or some of you say care. 
What’s wrong with helping someone with their groceries. Listen to them. Hear them out.Be with them. Sit & have a coffee. Laugh. Talk. Take pictures. All the good stuff. Love is not all about a lover or sex. Love is so many things. Time spent together with other people is also considered love.
 Food shared is also considered love. LOVE is so big. There will be no war, if everyone saw how big love is. I have to admit. I was afraid to be nice to everyone, or rather love anyone without thinking twice. But now, I have so much to love. My friends, my family, my dogs & the people around me too. I have nothing to be afraid of. I have all the love to give. Do you?

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