Some things are not meant to be. Some things, you just missed your chance of grabbing. & some things, you’re just too afraid to try. New surroundings, new light, new sounds, new smell. new everything.
 Then you decide.. should I take that leap of faith? Or should I, once more let this chance go. & tell myself that if there’s one now, there’s gonna be another one later. Telling yourself, lying to yourself that this chance is not meant to be… You’re BS-ing yourself..seriously. Life is no monopoly game. where your chances come in the form of cards. Or your money in such bright colors or large amounts. There’s no such thing. 
You don’t go buying property and putting them on rent just by a roll of the dice. Life is more than that. Life is about challenges. About having fun at the right time. & making things matter. Every word, every penny spent, every kiss given should be worth it, every time you do it. who said that life was easy to live? But compare yourself with the people less fortunate than you. you should count your blessings. They go through life with more problems in a day compared to us in a week. 
 Appreciation, is a dying resource now. People keep wanting more & more. No one will settle for less. No matter what the situation is. No matter how other people feel. They were never given the chance to have a great life. But now, for those who does have the chance. Make use of it. Use it for the better good. Have the chance to give a chance. Share it maybe. Chances don’t come by the wind blow..
 If you love someone, tell them. If you think that something’s wrong, tell them. Don’t wait. & lose that chance.

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