Dwayne’s Birthday at Zouk KL.

Morning morning people. Hell, one whole day of errands yesterday & i partied all night long till 6 in the morning. Tired. Dehydrated. But i had fun. It was Dwayne’s birthday 🙂 He came down from Singapore to celebrate his birthday in Zouk, Phuture.
 He invited me and I brought Vincent along with me. We left for dinner at 8. Vincent & I went to Pizza Uno! for dinner. Mushroom soup and cabonara for him. *bliss*. Finally, a proper dinner with him. It’s been so long. We also had dessert, lime sherbert. *yumm* A few sticks, we head down to KL. The federal route was clear till we got to exit to Brickfields. 
It was congested, drivers honking, pedestrians being inconsiderate resulting in frustration. ( the both of us) We made a few wrong turns, got caught in the Bukit Bintang hype, & finally got to Zouk. Got ready ( as in wore my shoes), we headed down to the lobby of Hotel Maya. We bumped into Dwayne at the parking lot. We chatted, introduced him to Vincent. Then things just got wrong after that. Vincent had the stomach cramp. I went to the ladies, came out, waited for him. 
 Walked to Zouk, met up with the rest of the gang. ( Sheila, Raiz, & another few more.) I was so happy to see them. Then we walked to our table. Drinks were already there. Mixers and liquor. Then we partied! This is the first time, I’ve gone to a club with Vincent. The first time that I’ve danced with him. The first time I didn’t feel shy going crazy with him. The first time enjoying myself with the person i adore so much. We danced, we drank, we had fun. So much fun. 

 Dwayne was drunk, he was dancing his butt off. He was so hyped up. He was at the dance floor for so so long. Even we were tired out after a little while. 🙂 I was so happy to see him enjoying himself. I was so happy that he socialize with my friends. After the party, we went home. But the series of unfortunate events didn’t stop there. I lost the parking ticket. I couldn’t find it and Vincent had to pay 40 bucks to get out of that place. :/ We got home, and we crashed. After one phone call to him, i crashed. I had a good sleep but i woke up 3 hours later 🙂 Now, I’m looking like this :
Stoned! hahaha 🙂 good good night last night. Friends,Lover,Drinks!

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