Hairdo for shoot at Miko.

Mommy & daddy , brother and lil sis when to China for a holiday. As per usual, I stayed at home. I didn’t want to go. I had my freedom for a few days. *bliss* ( not that i don’t have any at all. ).  So on Friday night,  stayed at home. Sitting at the balcony. Enjoying the night sky and the wind. Then Sarah whatsapped me, telling me that Gillian asks if i would go for a photoshoot? . I contacted Gillian and she gave me the details for the shoot 🙂
It wasn’t far from home. Only in Puchong. I decided to give it a try and head down to Puchong with Marilyn on Tuesday. My hairdresser, Tom , wanted to cut and dye my hair before the shoot on Wednesday. 

I was there by 2 in the afternoon and was there till 10PM!!! It was a long long day. I was so exhausted. Tired out, i went to sleep. The next day, i went out to breakfast with the parents 🙂 My hair was the first thing they commented on. ” Wah, you’re a new cartoon character ah? ” =.= ( my hair was purple).So then, I got ready, and left for Puchong for the photoshoot. I got there just in time, but Tom still wanted me to dye another layer. =.=. I was there a little longer than I expected.

But the shoot turned out great. I had fun 🙂 

Marilyn was there with me on the first day. For a whole 10 hours. Thanks BABE!!

Tom doing some touch ups 🙂

Up close shot. 🙂

Before hair & make up.

After hair & make up.


My hairstylist,Tom. Great chap. 🙂
I had so much fun that day. I didn’t keep the hair colour though. It was too much for me . :)))))
I hope to more shoots,though. hee!!


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