Coffee, tea & pancakes.

It’s been while since my & my high school friend had a day out. Both of us were too busy with work and the usual assignments. But other than that she was facing some dilemma & she wanted some girlie time.

So we decide about a week ago before the outing. We wanted to go to place called Antipodeon. It’s a pancake place in Bangsar. We were super excited and I told here that I would pick her up from her place & head to Bangsar.

We looked for the place & finally found it. Now, the problem is, looking for a parking spot. Unfortunately, we didn’t find one near the restaurant, so we parked in Bangsar Village II.

We happily waltz to the restaurant and stopped at a halt. There were so many people!!!! We decided to wait for a little. We would do anything for pancakes. Or so we thought. We decided to give Antipodeon a try some other time 😦

Look at the people 😦 they’re still lining up. The pancakes must be pretty damn good!

So we thought, since our car is parked in Bangsar Village, might as well have pancakes there. So we walked and looked for a restaurant which serves pancakes. & finally, we found one!!!!!

It’s called Marmalade.
The restaurant was gorgeous. It was colorful and full of families. The environment was such a friendly one. We were happy, sat down and order our food. We were hungry people!!!

This was their menu. Cute,no?

We decided to share. So we ordered 2 different dishes from the menu. I ordered pancakes & she ordered a breakfast plate. It was yummy!

We dig into our meals & had good conversation. We met a few kids and a few families.

The interior was cute as well. A restaurant kids would love!

They even had great wallpaper ^_^.

We both had a great time. Or rather a yummy time!

Till then 🙂


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