Le Movie Weekend ^_^

What do you do usually do on a weekend? Stay in? Laze around, have the usual yc session?

Yeah, that’s what I thought when I went out with Vincent after a hectic Friday. So, he told me he’ll bring me out and release some tension. Anyway, we took a drive to Sunway Pyramid to only buy tickets for the next day to Spiderman ( YAY!!! ). Reached Pyramid, and parked the car. Then I thought, why not watch a movie right now. It’s a Friday night anyway. * shrugs *

Told him my plans and he said, ok. We walked a bit then went to TGV to get our tickets.
The line wasn’t very long, but most of the tickets were kinda sold out, or selling fast, so we decided to line up anyway to try our luck.

We got in line & we bought tickets to Madagascar :). I watched the first & second one already, so why not the third?

Got the tickets, & we bought the tickets for Spiderman on the next day too! Then only we realized that we bought the Madagascar tickets seating at The Beanie Plex. O.O

We haven’t been there before so it was kinda an experience for us both. But it wasn’t time yet, so we walked a bit, had an ice-cream and walked some more till it was time for the movie. 

When we walked into the cinema, I was kinda shocked. :/ There were so little chairs in the cinema.
But it looked pretty comfy. ^_^

So we sat, went through the usual trailers & relaxed on our beanie. 🙂

This is the beanie we were sitting on ^_^
& the movie starts. Sit back & relax. ( like,literally!) 

The movie was awesome, especially with awesome company & awesome seating. 🙂

So the next day, we headed to Pyramid again for our next movie. ( it was the closest to home :/). We were there early ( or so we thought ), and ended up parking on the rooftop. Walked to the cinema and noticed that we were too early for the movie and headed down to Jusco to get some snacks 🙂

Walked for a bit more then head to the cinema. I felt pretty excited, as I was gunning to watch the movie for quite a while.

SPIDEY!!! 🙂 
Took our tickets, got our 3D glasses an headed to our cinema hall 🙂 We had a normal seating but we watched in the IMAX theatre. The screen was HUGE! The image was awesome! The movie was mind-blasting, especially Andrew Garfield being the new Spiderman! 🙂 
Watch Spidey swing! 
till then 🙂 

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