Another one of em’ tea time sessions :D

The last weekend before study week & finals. Me & my best mates decided to go chill. The next week onwards will be too busy and we wouldn’t have time to hang till August. ( which is my term holiday ) .

So we had another session of makan-makan and headed down to The Curve. We like hanging out there. It’s fun, filled with people and since it was a Sunday, there was a bazaar. 🙂

We walked and chilled for a little while and then headed to Paddington House Of Pancakes. It was filled with people but we managed to find a seat. A pretty comfy one. ( sofa seat!! *drools*). We love pancakes. We drooled over the menu, then settled for the promotion menu,( we’re students, jimat a bit (: ). It came with drinks for 2 and the price was reasonable.

I can’t exactly remember what’s it called, but it was a stack of 5 different pancakes and a scoop of ice-cream. It was delicious! *slurrrrrpppp*  We both shared it out, was satisfied till we couldn’t move for a little while ( you can imagine how good it was! ).

Then we decided to walk about and digest the delicious food, so we walked the bazaar. I have been there many times, but i didn’t really stop to look. But this time, I did. It was quite interesting, actually and i didn’t know that such things existed.

The one thing that I was really interested in was the Pendrives. It was so cute! They have various designs all in 8GB. They have cartoon designs ! They even have Stitch paws !!!

Then later, the weather became scorching hot and decided to head down to have Moo Cow. It’s a frozen yogurt place. It’s a little different from Tutti Fruiti. They have flavors like the original, black sesame as well as green tea. We both had original with dried peaches. (yummmmmmm!!)

As per usual, we left before the jam could start as I had some work to do and we were tired. School on the next day as well. :/. I dropped her home & i left for home as well.

Nice afternoon with the girlfriend and good food!

Till then! 🙂

They really do ! 

See that patio? 🙂

The pretty lights 🙂

Full to empty cup.

Passion fruit and mango crush. ( finished ) 


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