It"s gonna be a FRIDAY !!!

It’s been hectic. This week was exam week & my days could not get any worst. Paper after paper. Well, it’s not like I have a choice. 🙂 So then today, was the last paper of the week. It was HORRIBLE! I had my French paper, & I thought i was going to die. :/.

 But the good thing about today, is that tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! 🙂

Yipee... It's Friday! Enjoy the weekend - Images and gifs for social networks

The weekend is here as well, but hell, no partying. I’ll only be partying with my books and my notes.

I have a law paper on Monday.(eeek!) I’m kinda afraid bout that paper though. My confidence is kinda down these few days & I hope my Law paper is going to be good,or I’m doomed. *sigh* 

Although, I have something to look forward to. I’ll be going to Penang for a holiday with Vincent. A 4 days 3 nights trips. All I can think of on that trip will be FOOD FOOD FOOD! 🙂 Will be posting up an update on the trip. 😉

 till then.


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