a trip to remember.

Finally, our long hoped trip has become reality. It’s not the dreamy beach-y holiday, with the wind -blowing curtains, and blue sea but it was close. Our hotel faced the beach,so yeah. We were happy with it anyway.

So, to start it off, Vincent picked me up from home and we left to Sg. Buloh Jejantas ( overhead bridge ) to have sorta of a brunch then headed down straight to Penang. We didn’t stop except for a toilet break near Penang.

The moment we got there, surely we checked in to our hotel. Washed up and prepared to leave for our first day in Penang. But, we also wanted to enjoy our room. For a place like a housing area, this hotel is pretty quite and peaceful as it was about 15 mins drive from Gurney & about 30mins from town.

The room were really pretty. :

 The name of the Hotel 🙂 

It was cooling & our room was on the top floor, facing the beach. There was no problem with the room’s situation & we both loved it. So then we both went to Gurney Drive to eat.

We surely ate plenty & decided to hit the sack early and plan for a full day the next day.

But however, something happened to us, in the middle of the night and has caused a mishap which I do not wish to talk about as it was a pretty unfortunate one.

No matter, we went to have lunch at one of the famous coffee shops in Penang Road. They sold Cendol outside & had the best Chao Kuey Teow I’ve had for years 🙂 & as it has been a long day for Vincent, so we decided to go back to the hotel to rest. *snore*

Not long after we went to Bukit Ferringhi to have a walk & have dinner. Despite the the mishap, Vincent still brought me to have a fancy dinner at a really nice, romantically decorated restaurant called ‘ Ferringhi Garden ‘.

This is what we were sitting next to. ( pretty Zen, huh? ) 
We ate beef dishes but different one. He had a Mongolian style cooked beef in a sizzling plate & I had a beef burger. The portions were pretty big & I as usual didn’t finish :/ After dinner we walked to our car & headed back to the hotel. We were both tired and exhausted then we slept like babies after around of Scramble with Friends. 😀 
The next day was eating day as well. We this time went to another famous coffee shop in Lorong Selamat. We had ‘ hor chien & chao kuey teow’ this time it was cooked by a diva. She wears a pair of sunglases & a red hat. She also cooks like a diva cause it was SO DAMN GOOD! 
Then after lunch, we wanted to see something famous in Penang, like something historical. We planned to go to the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion and also the famous Snake Temple. 
The mansion was a pretty good visit. Vincent & I liked it alot. The storyteller did a very good job too. I was so attentively listening to the history of the mansion. 
This is the entrance to the Hakka Mansion. 

Something to remember the famous mansion.
After the mansion tour, we realized that the weather was so hot. Quickly we made our way to the car & made a drive to the snake temple. I got there with high hopes but there was not much to see. We made a quick one & headed to buy Tau Sar Pneah from Ghee Hiang, then went back to the hotel to cool off, then plan for dinner. 
Dinner was another streak of street food. This place is a really big one and it is next to the entrance of Sunway Hotel Penang. The food there was good, and we enjoyed just being the two of us. We headed back to the hotel then went to bed as we had to catch the morning bus home. 🙂 
Even the worst happened, we still enjoyed ourselves. This trip was cheap & the hotel stay was marvelous. The hotel’s service was very good, we were very impressed with it. 
Go check it out, if you guys are looking for a different kind of stay. 🙂
till then 🙂 

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