Studs & Spikes

I am one person who’s really crazy about iphone cases. I know it’s weird but I always want to change my iphone case whenever I see something new in the market. 
So there was one day, i was google-ing on iphone cases & stumbled upon one of Ashley Tisdale’s case. It was so pretty. It’s a case from Jagger Edge! It looks pretty punky, & I kinda dig it. So i searched up more on the iphone case by Jagger Edge, & WOW! it was pricey too! 😦 
Then, I flipped through a few more picture & saw some people who was interested with the cases as well, doing it DIY! It’s so cool! They had different kinds of studs. So many kinds that I still don’t know which is which :/
I browsed & browsed, & got pretty interested on the studs trend. So I decided to go get some studs and try it out! But the thing is, the studs are a little difficult to get, at where I’m staying, so I had to ask 2 of my best buds to accompany me downtown & go get the studs. 
I started with the flat pyramid studs on a silicone iphone case. I had to pierce it through. However there are places where they sell them flat-backed without the sharp points. I was desperate & went so far just t get them so I just settled. 
I got my studs and a iphone case. In some websites they sell these studded cover for a very expensive price so, I got my plain black case from a place nearby where I got my studs. 🙂 
First, gather the stuff you need. 
1. The studs. 
2. Super glue.
3. A pencil & ruler.
4. A spoon. 
Then you would have to layout the studs with how you would like it to be and then measure it with a pencil and ruler to make sure that the studs are in line. 
The all you have to do later is to pin the studs through & and press the backs with a spoon. 
The studs will be lined perfectly if you measure them properly.
& this is the final product. I don’t think it looks awesome but it felt pretty good that it turned out well, & like the ones that I saw : I’m diggin’ it! 
Then recently I have been noticing this really cool concept of spikes coming in a lot of apparels & especially on leather jackets as well as bags & now even in phone cases. I’ve seen so many & yet again I’m inspired to try out another iphone case project. :O 
I have some pictures ( not mine unless stated ) that I found really inspiring & i really want to do it! There are some pretty cool ones : 

I bought some spikes to get started with my project but it was the one that are not like in the picture. Mine are pyramid spikes and these ones in the picture are tree studs. No matter I’ll have it done and I will post them up after I’m done 🙂 
Till then! 

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