Cupcakes, anyone?

It’s been a while since my last post. Please accept my apologies. It’s been pretty busy few weeks in school & i haven’t been doing much. 😦 
Anyhoo, last Friday I decided to take a break with everything & went for cupcakes with my bestie !  It’s always food whenever I go out with her, and this time we were both craving for red velvet. Yum!!! 
Then I told her that I know of a place in Citta Mall where they sell pretty awesome cupcakes. She followed me and we went to satisfy our cravings after class 🙂 
We had lunch first at a italian restaurant called Baci. We both had Penne Pesto with Chicken & Mushrooms. Mmm 🙂 Then for dessert, was this cupcake place called Wondermilk. We had cupcakes, coffee and a helping of Smores ! 🙂 
The interior of the cafe is pretty cute. ! They have the old school blackboard self – written menu. 

The counter looks pretty cool, and i like the decorations on the shelves. They are all pretty random deco !

Their coffee was alright . Not something to shout about, but it was good ! 🙂 

The one thing that got me wondering if there was real milk in this table number stand, cause it wasn’t exactly a stand, it was like a can of condensed milk and it was pretty heavy :/

My bestie had a latte. & i think the cafe’s logo is pretty cute ! 

These is the few cupcake we bought ! It’s the red velvet cupcake, the rocky road, peanut butter & jelly and a vanilla flavored one. ( can’t remember the name of the cupcakes exactly ) 

This is what their furniture looked like. All in pretty colors. ! There’s another one in light blue .

This was the blackboard menu on the wall that I was talking about ! Pretty cool,eh?

I think this wallpaper is pretty awesome. It brought out the colors of the wall in the cafe. 


The wonderfully flavored cupcake ! 
The staff here are pretty friendly and it’s a clean place as well. They have indoors and outdoors ! 
It’s located in Citta Mall on the Ground Floor ! 🙂 You guys should go check it out & grab your cupcakes ! 

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