A little here & a little there.

I’ve been into fashion blogs lately. Reason : Fashion Week. There’s so much updates from famous bloggers and fantastic pictures ! I got so hooked & followed some of  them . The pictures that they took were amazing & I wanted to follow them but my pictures would be without the great scenery. But oh well, I decided to give it a try ! 🙂

I’m not a fashion blogger at all. & I’m some sort of inconsistent. Sometimes, i take pictures of what I wear or what are on my wrists with my Instagram. Then I only have recently adopted the whole #ootd thing, I didn’t really did it last time cause I well…wasn’t into it yet :/

But anyway, I’m going to try it now & see if it works out for me 🙂

So here, I’m not that of a fashion person & simple & comfortable always works for me. So yeah, my first few shots. 😛

This was the outfit I wore on Saturday. Just a pretty simple outfit. I also wear pretty price- reasonable stuff.
T- Shirt : F.O.S
Lace Shorts : From a boutique near my place.
Bag : Longchamp Le Pliage
Cotton Scarf : Gift from China
Wrist Candy : Bangles from Miss T, bracelet from Diva, Turquoise Bangle from Dee, and leather strap from my cousin 🙂

 This is another one of my collections. 
Thin bracelet : SK Jewellery
Charm Bracelet : Swarovski
Leather strap : Gift 
Bangle : Miss T 

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