Semester break? Check !

Hurray ! It’s that time of the semester again ! Term break. Just what I needed after this week of stress & pressure from assignments and pop quizzes . Since I have about a week, Imma do all the resting and self- pampering that i’ve missed out.

That should be on my list of to-dos during my holidays. Self – Pampering 🙂

I have been dying to go for a full body massage & a facial ! Just that i don’t have that kind of pleasure : Time. Like how my best buddy said it this morning during one of our class presentations 🙂 ( SHE WAS SOOOO COOL ! )

No matter, I won’t be doing much resting during the holidays anyway. All the assignments I would have to catch up and a French video to record, all of them almost have the same deadline which is AFTER THE HOLIDAYS !!! But I guess i could squeeze in some time for some self – pampering & maybe some shopping. Feel like adding some bracelets to me wrist candy collection.  WEEHEE ! 😀

So, my holiday to-do list would be :

1. Facial at Vequish Spa
2. Clothes Shopping
3. Do Enron video assignment
4. HRM assignment.
5. Meet up with Dee
6. DIVAAAA ! I want new bangles !
7. & I need a whole lot of sleep ! 🙂

So much to do, so little time :O

So much happened this week ! The Kardashian Kollection is already launched in Malaysia & it’s at Dorothy Perkins ! Think I’m going to head there for a look see . ( like the time I said I wanted to visit H&M, but to no avail. ) I saw a few pictures some lifestyle and fashion bloggers from Malaysia took. I see lots of prints ! 🙂 I need to get something from there, thinking of a belt 😉 Will see 🙂

One of the exciting things happening during the weekend of the holidays would be my Cameron Highlands trip with my boyf’s family . ( my first time :/ ).  We are going to stay at a bungalow on the hills & i can’t wait to see the view from there. Been a while since I went to Camerons. :O The last time was with my classmates back in Diploma 🙂 I still have some pictures.

Me & the girls ! ( I don’t look too good here :/) 
That’s us being naughty & exhausted after the walk up to the tea plantation 😀
Me & Sarah !

& more naughty pictures ! 

Picture with our group & our nicest HK lecturer ! 
Can’t wait for my next trip ! Will be posting up pictures ! 
till then 🙂


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