I love fashion, but honestly, who am I kidding. I’m not very fashionable. I love dresses, and jackets and those Jimmy Choos? *faint* But yes, I don’t wear clothes like those. I wish I could or probably write about them. I only mix & match stuff that I think that looks nice for an occasion, like a party or a fancy dinner. Usually, I’m in my flip – flops, pair of denim shorts & a t-shirt. Only sometimes with accessories.

When the Devil Wears Prada first came out, I was still pretty young. I didn’t know what fashion was all about. I only thought that they were clothes beautiful people put on just to take pretty pictures. Then when I reached puberty, I was all make up, skirts ( always used to wear pants that covers all the way to my ankles ) & cute tops. But until now, I could never pair up a nice dress with a decent pair of heels.

This movie ( Devil Wears Prada ) has become my favorite movie. Especially with stars like Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt. They were dressed in such nice coats and dresses. Carrying beautiful bags and run in killer shoes. My eyes never once left the screen, let alone blink! The way Meryl Streep portrayed Miranda Priestly, was the ultimate seduction of the movie. With her cold expressions and murdering eyes, made this movie the bomb-digitty !

Mostly, the fashion attracted me. Going on & on about Demarchelier, Jimmy Choo and other big names in fashion. The outfits that Anne Hathaway wore in this movie just blew me away. I liked the part where she changes her outfits while walking to work ( portraying different days, of course ) Especially this one ! ( the pictures are not mine unless stated )  :

The dress is amazing ! the heavy accessories is so beautiful and it matches the jacket and the shoes she’s wearing. & her hair !!! The bangs are lovely !

I like this outfit too !

The dress was it it’s right length, her hair was also tied up in a ponytail, the necklace that’s she’s wearing pairs up so well !! The collars and the sleeves, they give the black a boom 🙂

I know it’s a 6 year old movie, but everything comes back in fashion right ? So here’s the trailer ! 🙂


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