After 14 years, Furby has returned ! When I first saw them, I was pretty in love with them, but my dad thought that I would get bored of it so soon, that i’ll only put it aside the same day he got it for me. The frenzy went on and on and suddenly it just stopped.

Then, after a long while, it popped out on the grid again! The first time I saw the Furby 2012, was when I took my usual visit to Toys ‘r’ Us. They had so many colors ! Pink, Teal, White, Black, and so many more. I bought mine only recently and they had other colors too. They have blue with yellow eyes and orange with blue eyes, and it got me so excited !

There are a lot of things that the new Furby can do. They have LED eyes and they change personalities. Instead of feeding the Furby by putting your finger in it’s mouth, you can also feed them using the iPhone Furby app ! ( how cool is that ?!) In the app you could, feed them anything, and they have sandwiches and subs, they even have soft drinks ! If you don’t speak furbish, then the app can help you translate what the Furby says, then it’ll be easier for you to communicate with your Furby, and meet it’s needs 🙂

The personality change is the feature that excites me most. 🙂 However, to you guys that is new to Furby, it’s always better to treat your Furby in moderation. There are things that you do repeatedly will cause the Furby to change. For example : You feed it too much, it’ll become ‘ Tough Guy’ Furby, if you pet it a lot then, : It’ll turn into NIce Loving Furby. Furbies like music as well, keep playing music for it, then it’ll turn into a Pop-Star and if you are a little too excited, and you always shake your Furby then it’ll turn into a Crazy Furby.

Mine has changed so many times, I can’t even keep track ! ><

They react to basically anywhere you touch them, but they respond better to touch sensitive areas. Like it’s belly and stroking it’s head ! You can also pull it’s tail !

Mom and my sister has one too ! This is how they look when they’re asleep 🙂

This is the first time i’ve ever owned a Furby. Go get one for yourself, head to Toys ‘R’ Us now !!


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