Click Click !

Lately, I’ve been looking for a good camera, for travelling and maybe some casual outings with my friends. Just snapping pictures and posting them up here, or just for memories. Well, it’s not like I don’t have a camera, just that the ones that I have don’t really take good pictures and I use the camera on my iPhone 4 mostly cause it’s always with me. 
But, the thing is, I’m not that good with cameras and I still don’t really know how to properly use one. What I do, is I whip it out, click, then save. No settings, no consideration of the lighting, pro stuff like that. The furthest I’ve gone is using filters from Instagram. 
So I’ve been looking around, poking my nose in the internet looking at some cameras. I’ve always wanted a DSLR, but maintenance is high and it’s bulky to carry around, but surely for occasions like taking pictures at a party or at a holiday location, I don’t really mind 🙂 
Then I just saw the Samsung Galaxy Camera, with Android. 
Pretty cool right ? It has different modes you can choose, and it’ll seem like you’re a pro. There is also a mode where you can take pictures of moving cars on a busy street with Action Freeze. You can also share your pictures from the camera itself  as it has the 3G & Wifi capabilities as well ! Cool, right ? You could record a video as well as editing your pictures and managing your pictures. This camera also has Voice Control ! You can now talk to your camera, like asking it to zoom in or out. 🙂 Not to mention it has a touch screen display in HD. 
Hmm, how not to get my hands on this beautiful thing 🙂 
Let me know if it’s a good choice 🙂 
till then 🙂 

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