Weekend In Paradise.

Chinese New Year’s over & it’s been great ! It was different this year, cause my family decided not to go back to my hometown. So we spent it here, but it was all the same fun. My friends came over for some ‘gambling’ sessions and we sat together talking and eating tidbits ! (they have the best during cny !)

Then after, Vincent & I went for our long waited beach holiday (more like a weekend ) to Langkawi. It’s been almost a year and a half since the last time I was there. It’s changed SO much ! I barely recognized the place. But the beach, could never fool me. It was beautiful !

So we boarded our plane, ( we booked Firefly ) and reached there at lunch time. So since it was too early to check-in to our hotel,we decided to go to the beach for lunch, at the same time wait till it’s the right time to go to our room. We had mamak and then went to the beach, which was just right behind the shop ! I had a beer & Vincent had a cocktail ( shouldn’t it be the other way round ?). I have almost forgotten how cheap it was drinking there than back home ! *bliss*

At 2.45pm, we left the beach & hailed a cab back to our hotel (I remembered cause it was too hot out, and I wanted to lie in bed so badly). We stayed at Bella Vista. It’s pretty far away from the beach, & taxi fares there were pretty expensive.

By the time, we were well rested, it was dinner time. We headed down to the beach, and had chinese seafood ! Dinner was quite cheap, considering that it was only the two of us eating. We had clam, butter prawn and claypot beancurd. With all that mix, dinner was yum yum yum ! We took a walk at the beach where the shops were. We still wanted to drink, so we decided to buy beer from the convenience stores (cause it was MUCH cheaper than the bars on the beach >< ), then head on back to the hotel. We watch a little TV then went to sleep early cause we wanted to go to the Cable Car, the next morning, and I'm not about to miss breakfast !

8.30 am, we were up for breakfast and then by 10am, we were at the Cable Cars. I know I’ve worked in Langkawi and all, but I haven’t been on the Cable Car there, or ANY cable car, in fact. This was new to me too.

We saw this on the way up to the cable cars. 

Bought our tickets, then UP UP we go ! Tickets are cheaper for those who carry a MyKad. There are 3 stations along the cable car route. I don’t really have a fear of heights, but damn, this was scary! The gondola was rocking and at the bottom of me was just trees ALL the way ! I was thinking, ‘I could die out here!’ By the time I got up to the middle station, I could already feel the cool breeze, and the scenery was amazing (though, a little misty) ! We could see the hills, and the Yacht Club we passed by on the way up, & supposedly, it’s awesome if you wanna go up there & see the sunset. 🙂


After cable car was done, we headed back to the beach and this time we had Pizza at a cafe called Yellow Cafe. The place was literally yellow. If you sit outside, you’ll get the view of the beach, like this one:

Vincent even had a try on their hammocks ! He was really enjoying his holiday, & this was the first time I’ve seen him so relaxed.

After lunch, we decided to hang out at the beach. Slap on some sunscreen and we’re good to go ! We had 2 lazy chairs and we sat there enjoying the view, we also went into the waters, of course. It’s been so long since I’ve been here and it brought back so many memories 🙂

Then I decided that we were too tired, so we had KFC to go, and went back to the hotel for a swim in the pool. About an hour later, we went back to our room and had dinner then Vincent was already napping. So I had the last of our beer, since we were heading back the next day.

Our flight was in the evening cause it was postponed. We thought since we had so much time, why not go last minute shopping before lunch ? We SO much chocolates ! Then we walked a tad bit more, before landing ourselves again at Yellow Cafe for Pizza.

Our flight home was pleasant, so was this trip. It was short but, here with him I could take my mind of things. It’s one of the best holidays that I’ve had.

till then. 🙂


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