Get your Puma on !

So, last Friday was an eventful day for me. Well, most of it happened after 8PM. Why eventful, you ask? Well, it’s cause it was the first time that I’ve attended an event, & not just any event. It was the Puma Crossover Party !

Crossover is a designer shop where they sell high end Puma shoes, like the Puma Black Label, Alexander Mcqueens, etc., and it’s located in Sunway Pyramid. Since I was pretty new to events like these, I decided that I didn’t wanna show up at the event alone, ( cause most likely I would just be standing around, looking lost :/ ) so I decided to go meet Sam up at the Old Wing Starbucks then head up to Crossover together.

As usual, I looked lost & Sam was saying ‘Hi !’ to a lot of people, while I was just looking smiling at them, but they were all very friendly and I warmed up pretty fast 😉 What’s happening that night was, being a Puma event, obviously they were featuring their shoes and not just any Puma shoe, but they were celebrating the evolution of the Puma Suedes ! 

There were graffiti artists creating their version of the ‘ Puma Future Suede ‘ and they also held a Silent DJ Battle. What’s a Silent DJ Battle ? It’s when 2 DJ’s spinning at the same time but you hear one one speakers while the other will be played on the headphones, ( we were given the headphones that night ) but, there are switches on the headphones where you can choose which DJ  you would like to hear spinning. 🙂 The DJ’s were spinning Future & Classic tunes !

So it’s kinda like you could hear the Past & the Future at the same time ! & ever since Instagram is a global hit, they also held a Instagram competition where you post pictures of that night and you could stand a chance to win Puma shoes !

& the winner IS ! >> SAM !!!!!!!

( pictures by Sam )

So here’s what it looked like that night !

Me & Sam at the door. 

The crowd in Crossover attending the party! 
The Graffiti Artists ! 😉 
These were the DJs who were spinning that night. 
& these are pictures of me & Sam, & me with the DJs and the Emcee.

 Till then 🙂


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