Pretty Stuff comes in Boxes too !

I was on Fancy ( an app where you can look at cool stuff and purchase) the other day, scrolling & scrolling, looking through these really cool stuff ! They got from household goods to fashion ! I kept on going & saw this pretty cool box subscription. Where you pay a certain amount & they send you a box of goodies, the people of Fancy would pick. I got really interested & was already thinking of going for it.

Well, these box subscriptions have been taking Europe and the United States my storm, & it’s also happening here in Malaysia as well ! What is in the boxes are beauty samples from various brands in a pretty little box & they even send it to your doorstep ! (YAY!)

So here’s what you do :

Step 1 : Go to the website. ( I’ll give you the list ) 
Step 2 : Pick how long would you like to subscribe for. ( 3 or 6 months, or 1 year)
Step 3 : Tell them about yourself. ( This is so they could send you samples that best suites you ) 
Step 4 : Pay for your subscription.

I got myself a 3 month subscription. I don’t know what I would get, but that’s the whole point right ? It’s like a surprise for yourself. Who doesn’t like opening a pretty box filled with goodies in it? Not only that, you could also send it as a gift to your friends. I think it would make a really good birthday present, especially when you know what kinda stuff your bestie fancies, and surprise her ! 🙂

Here are the few sites that I know :

Wonderbox : ( RM 39.30 per month )
Box Culture : ( RM 33 per month )
Vanity Trove : ( RM 60 per month )

You could also check out which beauty product brands they have at their sites.

I don’t have pictures yet, cause my box hasn’t arrive. When it does, i’ll put up some pictures of it 🙂

Happy Unboxing !

Has any of you tried something like this before ? Lemme know 🙂


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