Proenza Schouler PS1 Giveaway Winner by & Gorgeous by Shashaari !

I have very bad luck with contests. Seriously. For so long, I have tried contests in fashion magazines, or online contests, I had never got a chance to win. 
Not until Friday !!!!! 
About a month ago, my bestie Sze Meng sent me a few links on my FB messenger. One was about an internship and the other was on a giveaway. So I clicked on the giveaway link and it turned out to be a Proenza Schouler PS1 bag giveaway! Who could resist that?! 
She told me to join the contest and try my luck. So I went to and looked at all the steps that I had to take in order to join this contest. I had to like FB pages of the blog and also of the sponsor of the bag and answer a few questions. 
There were 3 questions and it was spread out in a few weeks ( i guess to keep all of us excited ! ). We all had to check on instagram and FB to make sure we don’t miss out on the questions. 🙂 
The first 2 was pretty easy, but when the 3rd question was revealed, I was sweating bullets. I had NO idea what the answer was ! As usual, I went on to google and tried my luck. I knew that the 3rd question was the one to determine the winner, & I really wanted that bag. So I had to go with my guts and trust Google 🙂 
After sending in my answers, I felt relieved. But I wasn’t sure I got it all the answers correct, so I just waited. 
Then just on Friday I was chilling out with my bestie, I got an email that said I WON THE BAG ! My first Proenza Schouler PS1 bag !! I was so excited ! I was literally jumping off my seat ! 
They emailed me and asked about when I was free to collect my bag. So, I agreed on a Sunday at set out to their boutique in Bangsar. It’s called Gorgeous by Shashaari.
Here’s how the bag looks like :

I would like to thank Gorgeous by ShaShaari and BagAddictsAnonymous !

Till then ! 🙂 


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