The Samsung Galaxy Camera ! Get Clickin’

When I first started blogging, there was one post I blogged about wanting a camera. It wasn’t just any camera, it was about the Samsung Galaxy Camera !!

Then today, my parents received one from a credit card contest, where they randomly pick your number and give you a call asking questions.  How cool is that ?! 
So I begged mom to unbox it so I could write about it now. 
I’m no techie, but I’ll just tell you what I feel about it. 
First thing I noticed was the HUGE screen. Being Android, it’s pretty smooth and it looks like it could actually function like a phone. They have the usual apps like twitter and instgram, the also have different modes where you can change to take pictures with different effects. But if you’re an expert in all these things, ( i’m not) they even have this expert mode, like you’re using a DSLR. Obviously with all these apps, then there are some sort of connectivity thing, like WiFi or 3G. So there was a Hotlink sim given together with the camera. 
So here’s how it looks like : 

I don’t know what happened to the pictures, but it sorta, turned :/ 
Till then 

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