My first item from Chanel.


Chanel Espadrilles 🙂

I adore fashion, and I love looking at glossy magazines about bags, and clothes, and make up. It’s like I’m lost in those pretty glossy pages of those beauty books that I try to buy every month.

Lately, I had my trip to France with my university, and I was in love. It took me awhile to really soak in that I was in the fashion world, all the way to the other side from where I was from. I was closer to it, the the magazines that I read.

So, other that the sightseeing, and that I was still in awe that I was in Paris, France, we did the shopping bit 🙂 I didn’t know much of Chanel ( HOW COULD I ?!! ) till my besties told me about it, better yet, they had real life examples to show me with. It’s not that I don’t know Chanel at all, I do. But they gave me better insight of it.

Then, after walking awhile, we were there. At 31, Rue Cambon. Unfortunately, it was a Sunday, and it was closed. So we decided to go there after our return from Toulouse. But, my jaw was on the floor when they told me that, this Chanel boutique was the first one that Coco Chanel has opened on the ground floor, and I was right across of it !

We took pictures and I sucked it all in while I can. Then while we returned from Toulouse, we went there as Max wanted to get some stuff and I was thinking of getting a pair of espadrilles which I saw on many fashion bloggers.


31, Rue Cambon, Paris
 (Photos courtesy of Sze Meng Lau)

When I got into the boutique, I couldn’t believe I was actually in it. The bags, the shoes, and the jewelry was all like a dream come true. The staff were all nice and they assisted Max in what he needed and I finally got my espadrilles !

This is my first time buying Chanel, so I was pretty psyched with the way it was packaged and all 😉 (sorry :/)
till then 🙂

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