Ain’t got no time for this.. :)

It’s so funny, when most of everything you do – is to impress other people. It first starts with your parents, your teachers, your bosses, your in-laws & you have pretty much no time to impress yourself.

But you see, you don’t really mind it, because some of them do really see your efforts and your true potential, and hey, whats wrong with wanting a little attention?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t get any. I’m totally noticeable when I do something wrong or do stuff the ‘wrong’ way, & it gets blown out of proportion! (funny, how these particular individuals behave, I never understood them)

Then, when the time comes, for the sort of attention that doesn’t really need effort getting, it doesn’t happen and it hits you right back at your face, like a slap back into reality.

So yeah, I realised that it wasn’t imperative to impress anyone, it’s just that you wanna impress them just so that they’ll say things like “Well done, kiddo” or ” This is amazing! You did this?” I was trying to break the ‘common’ bridge –  I failed (obviously)

Honestly, what’s the point? There are condescending beings, & there are those who’d just like to piss you off for fun! So, just for the sake of arguing, i’ll ignore you. 🙂

Because the one shouting and being angry about something pointless is not me,it’s you. So who looks silly now? The crazy person, or the one that doesn’t give two fucks?