Glamping at The Sticks

There was definitely a need for a holiday & we wanted to do it differently ! – Glamping!

I’ve heard of this fiesta going on and Erika knew a place! So we decided to take a leap of faith and went with it!

How to get there :

Firstly, I am very bad with directions – so I recommend using Waze (who doesn’t nowadays?) Search for The Sticks and it’ll appear. They’re in Kuala Kubu Bahru, right after you see a dam 🙂

Keep driving and you’ll see a yellow bridge leading you to a Shilling Waterfalls on your left and about 200-300 metres you’ll see a wooden hut 🙂

Your journey don’t end there. Uncle Rubin, caretaker and owner of the place will pick you up and drive you with your luggages in a pick up through a river! Alternatively, you could walk through a bridge.

The place was amazing! Uncle Rubin parked the pick up next to the common area & introduced us to his wife, Michelle – also the cook for The Sticks! We were served drinks, Barley and Roselle (from their garden) and then was brought to our Tendoks (Tent + Pondok)

Vincent & I stayed in the one nearest to the Riverside, Jian & InHye stayed in the Bamboo Tendok, while Erika & Chee Hui in the Tendok nearest to the common area.

Now, we went glamping – so we had electricity and warm water ! Our rooms were AMAYZINGGGGGGGGGG!

Yes, you would still need to pull a zipper but hey, it looked like the tent in Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire when Ron’s Family, Harry & Hermione was at the Quidditch World Cup !

A fan, en suite bathroom, and a huge bed with a night lamp ! Even your room at home don’t look so comfortable. – Oh and a ‘balcony’ too!




The View – River :

Because it’s near a river (with the clearest water you’ve ever seen !) this was our view :

Things to do :

Honestly? We did almost nothing but eat, went to the river, played boardgames, eat some more and slept.



Auntie Michelle is an amazing cook. Homemade with ingredients from her own garden and fresh meat.


Meals were the bomb and definitely something to look forward to. There is always fresh eggs for breakfast, her famous fried anchovies for lunch and dinner, and sweet dessert and banana fritters or french toast with maple syrup for tea. One of the nights we had barbecue – Lamb, Beef, Squid, Fish, and I could go on foreverrrrrr…..

Of course, if you’re the type to hike, Uncle Rubin could bring you up to the old tin mines and you could find a few of the tools they used during the mining days in the common area!

So all in all, we did rest. It was tranquility, no phones ringing, no emails no nothing – not even a bleep from Facebook – world peace I would say! Totally advice you to bring mosquito repellent, though.

(Not my best picture) 

Definite a trip not to miss. I am thinking to bring my family next !

Check out my Instagram : @calleighlo for more pictures & videos of my trip!

Check The Sticks out at : or follow them at @thesticksguide – on Instagram 🙂




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