Sticker-Up : Anya Hindmarch Stickers for iMessage

The kind of person who likes a little magic happening on your bag, iPhone case, or straps? Me too! – with Anya Hindmarch stickers!

I have an obsession for Anya Hindmarch’s stickers when it first launched & couldn’t get enough.

Now, for the first-time ever #AnyaHindmarch has launched a Sticker Shop app for iPhone users featuring the brand’s most iconic leather graphics and alphabet stickers!

You can now use the phrases ‘GRRR’, ‘Oops’, ‘Slip It To Me’ and even the renowned eye-rolling sticker will be gracing your texts to your fashion-crazy friends.


The iMessage Sticker Shops are now available only for iPhone users on the App Store 🙂

Image : @anyahindmarch & L’officiel Malaysia

Go crazy! 🙂


Glamping at The Sticks

There was definitely a need for a holiday & we wanted to do it differently ! – Glamping!

I’ve heard of this fiesta going on and Erika knew a place! So we decided to take a leap of faith and went with it!

How to get there :

Firstly, I am very bad with directions – so I recommend using Waze (who doesn’t nowadays?) Search for The Sticks and it’ll appear. They’re in Kuala Kubu Bahru, right after you see a dam 🙂

Keep driving and you’ll see a yellow bridge leading you to a Shilling Waterfalls on your left and about 200-300 metres you’ll see a wooden hut 🙂

Your journey don’t end there. Uncle Rubin, caretaker and owner of the place will pick you up and drive you with your luggages in a pick up through a river! Alternatively, you could walk through a bridge.

The place was amazing! Uncle Rubin parked the pick up next to the common area & introduced us to his wife, Michelle – also the cook for The Sticks! We were served drinks, Barley and Roselle (from their garden) and then was brought to our Tendoks (Tent + Pondok)

Vincent & I stayed in the one nearest to the Riverside, Jian & InHye stayed in the Bamboo Tendok, while Erika & Chee Hui in the Tendok nearest to the common area.

Now, we went glamping – so we had electricity and warm water ! Our rooms were AMAYZINGGGGGGGGGG!

Yes, you would still need to pull a zipper but hey, it looked like the tent in Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire when Ron’s Family, Harry & Hermione was at the Quidditch World Cup !

A fan, en suite bathroom, and a huge bed with a night lamp ! Even your room at home don’t look so comfortable. – Oh and a ‘balcony’ too!




The View – River :

Because it’s near a river (with the clearest water you’ve ever seen !) this was our view :

Things to do :

Honestly? We did almost nothing but eat, went to the river, played boardgames, eat some more and slept.



Auntie Michelle is an amazing cook. Homemade with ingredients from her own garden and fresh meat.


Meals were the bomb and definitely something to look forward to. There is always fresh eggs for breakfast, her famous fried anchovies for lunch and dinner, and sweet dessert and banana fritters or french toast with maple syrup for tea. One of the nights we had barbecue – Lamb, Beef, Squid, Fish, and I could go on foreverrrrrr…..

Of course, if you’re the type to hike, Uncle Rubin could bring you up to the old tin mines and you could find a few of the tools they used during the mining days in the common area!

So all in all, we did rest. It was tranquility, no phones ringing, no emails no nothing – not even a bleep from Facebook – world peace I would say! Totally advice you to bring mosquito repellent, though.

(Not my best picture) 

Definite a trip not to miss. I am thinking to bring my family next !

Check out my Instagram : @calleighlo for more pictures & videos of my trip!

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Ain’t got no time for this.. :)

It’s so funny, when most of everything you do – is to impress other people. It first starts with your parents, your teachers, your bosses, your in-laws & you have pretty much no time to impress yourself.

But you see, you don’t really mind it, because some of them do really see your efforts and your true potential, and hey, whats wrong with wanting a little attention?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t get any. I’m totally noticeable when I do something wrong or do stuff the ‘wrong’ way, & it gets blown out of proportion! (funny, how these particular individuals behave, I never understood them)

Then, when the time comes, for the sort of attention that doesn’t really need effort getting, it doesn’t happen and it hits you right back at your face, like a slap back into reality.

So yeah, I realised that it wasn’t imperative to impress anyone, it’s just that you wanna impress them just so that they’ll say things like “Well done, kiddo” or ” This is amazing! You did this?” I was trying to break the ‘common’ bridge –  I failed (obviously)

Honestly, what’s the point? There are condescending beings, & there are those who’d just like to piss you off for fun! So, just for the sake of arguing, i’ll ignore you. 🙂

Because the one shouting and being angry about something pointless is not me,it’s you. So who looks silly now? The crazy person, or the one that doesn’t give two fucks?

A new step, to a new beginning.. Marriage. A promise


There was a little girl once. She wished for things that every little girl would, pretty dresses, shiny shoes, a first kiss, & Prince Charming…

Well this little girl, grew up, went to school then to University, working for one the world’s biggest hotel chains and found her Prince Charming..

Recently, she got engaged to this Prince Charming, but she could never believe it was true, that it was happening. He asked for her hand in marriage, & with tears she said ‘yes’..

But then, she asked herself, if she was the right person for him, was she his Princess? She asked so many questions to herself, too many actually, but she managed a few things:

1) Don’t think too much

If he didn’t love you, he would have never have got on one knee, & asked her to be part of his life.

2) She’ll get through this part of her life TOGETHER 🙂

As much as she believes that she’s not doing enough, don’t. He’s there by her side, with his arms wide open and an extra shirt, just in case she floods the first one 🙂

3) He’s got different ways of showing it, but she knows that she’s picked the right Prince

Whether or not he comes on a white horse, with a glass slipper, it doesn’t matter, because even if he comes with a bicycle and a flip-flop, she knows that he’s all she’s ever wanted.

Dreams come to some, at different times. It’s not always about fate or wishes. Sometimes, it takes more than that. Effort is key, & in this case from both the Prince and his new Princess.

*these are from her own experience. She only speaks for herself.  

Ringly ~ Don’t miss a thing


How many of us girls put a million things in our bags, with our phones in it? MOST of us do. & by the time you find that there’s a hint of vibration coming from your oh-so-stuffed designer bag, you’d have probably missed that important phone call, or a text from the guy you’ve had a crush on. Bummer.

But these babies aren’t going to allow that! Made in the USA, and bluetooth-enabled,  these chic, simple and technology-friendly rings are going to make sure you don’t miss any notifications or messages while you’re busy out and about doing errands. This also means that you don’t have to be on the phone all the time, or be worried you’ll miss a business call.

Ringly, which I think is one of the most handy things a busy girl should have, comes in 18K matte gold 3 micron plating using precious and semi precious stones. All you have to do is connect the ring to your phone using the Ringly app (iOS and Android), put on the ring and voila! you’re good to go 🙂 Built with 4 different vibration patterns and 5 colors, you’ll know what exactly is coming through your phone customized by you!

Priced from UD 145 each, you’ll never want it to leave your finger..EVER! Pre-order now at




We Aim to Please, Miss Steele…

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 1.46.11 PM



Yes, we do!

Who didn’t get excited when they told us there was a Fifty Shades of Grey movie? And they took long enough to release the trailer, and honestly, I think this is the one that EVERYONE is waiting for.

And if you’re following the ‘ Put a Ring on it’ singer on instagram, you would have already saw the oh-too-short trailer of Mr Grey and innocent Anna Steele.

First you’ll here a sexy moan possible out of Miss Steele, and the strong man hands a little short one when he pulls up her skirt under a table…you’ll have your eyes wide open not blinking, anticipating the next scene..

And still, they’re making us wait till this Thursday, 24th July! How could they?!

Want to know what it looks like? You know what to do.

Image: instagram/beyonce



Proenza Schouler: Swimwear Collection ~ Not just for the Beach.

It started off with two people who was passionate about fashion. Known to have designed the signature and anti-it bag, PS1, Jack and Lazaro have been busy with other collaborations. I fell in love with their designs after knowing of the PS1 and finally owning it ( as a prize) and it’s my favourite bag till now and also to many celebrities like Dakota Fanning and Jessica Alba.
With their recent collaboration with M.A.C, spending couple of years to come up with the perfect collection of make up and now swimwear!
I always love a great bikini, being in a tropical country, you might just be able to wear them whenever you hit a nearby beach or, your friend’s condo for a quick swim.
After signing a deal with Swimsuits Anywhere, PS debuted their first ever swimsuit collection during their Resort 2015 preview presentation. The collection will consist of 20 swimwear designs, that include bikinis, one-pieces, and pareos (mmmm :)). The collection is made of two particular themes, surf and skate, and fashion styles.
I truly adore anything and everything they have ever designed. I would love to get my hands on these swimsuits, but I think the next nearest place I could probably get them is in their new store in Singapore.
This duo has captured my heart and I can’t wait to see Proenza Schouler’s next upcoming project!
 till then 🙂


DVF & Google Glasses ~ Talk about Fashion and Technology Unite.


Who doesn’t want to be fashionable? Nobody. Even Google is catching up with the creme de la creme of fashion, and they have picked one of the best for a collaboration. 
That’s right, Google and Dianna Von Furstenberg have collaborated and turned a multifunctional, geeky device, to a wearable, chic and sexy accessory that many people want. 
This collaboration consists of a collection of glasses and shades for $1725 & $1620 respectively. They’re both available on net-a-porter on from the 23 of June. Since they were handled and blinged by one of the world best, you could also guess that prices are slightly more expensive then a regular Google Glass pricing at $1500. 
What’re more exciting for you tech-fashionable people is that DVF has already featured this on its Spring 2013 fashion show. 
So not to worry you fashion addicts, this wearable technology is stamped with DVF’s approval and it’s good to go! 🙂 
till then 🙂 

Peddy Mergui: Wheat is wheat is wheat exhibition ~ What you wish could be in your fridge.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like luxury goods? If you could you’d be carrying a Birkin bag to work, with your Louboutin heels holding your iPhone you would think that you’re the luckiest person in the world. 
But what about your groceries? If there was a chance for you to pick up a bag of Prada branded flour, or Tiffanny & Co. yogurt to bling up your fridge, would you? 
But it was Peddy Mergui’s vision. After left Morocco while he was a child, he moved to Israel, and went to Japan to experience the culture while in his young adult age, he was determined to challenge the ‘must’ with his design processes. He has led advertising campaigns that was extraordinary involving brand building, packing and product perceptions. 
In his exhibition, Wheat is wheat is wheat, brand conscious folks will blow their minds on what’s coming next, cause I did. And man, how I wish that my local supermarket had goods like these. 
Infant Formula by Chanel 

Soft Butter by Bvlgari 
Easter Eggs by Versace

Flour by Prada 

Corn Flavoured Noodles by Burberry 

Ferrari Pasta 

Salt & Pepper by Hermes

Salami by Louis Vuitton 

Yogurt by Tiffany & Co.
Pickles by Gucci

till then 🙂 
(Pictures & info :