A new step, to a new beginning.. Marriage. A promise


There was a little girl once. She wished for things that every little girl would, pretty dresses, shiny shoes, a first kiss, & Prince Charming…

Well this little girl, grew up, went to school then to University, working for one the world’s biggest hotel chains and found her Prince Charming..

Recently, she got engaged to this Prince Charming, but she could never believe it was true, that it was happening. He asked for her hand in marriage, & with tears she said ‘yes’..

But then, she asked herself, if she was the right person for him, was she his Princess? She asked so many questions to herself, too many actually, but she managed a few things:

1) Don’t think too much

If he didn’t love you, he would have never have got on one knee, & asked her to be part of his life.

2) She’ll get through this part of her life TOGETHER 🙂

As much as she believes that she’s not doing enough, don’t. He’s there by her side, with his arms wide open and an extra shirt, just in case she floods the first one 🙂

3) He’s got different ways of showing it, but she knows that she’s picked the right Prince

Whether or not he comes on a white horse, with a glass slipper, it doesn’t matter, because even if he comes with a bicycle and a flip-flop, she knows that he’s all she’s ever wanted.

Dreams come to some, at different times. It’s not always about fate or wishes. Sometimes, it takes more than that. Effort is key, & in this case from both the Prince and his new Princess.

*these are from her own experience. She only speaks for herself.