We Aim to Please, Miss Steele…

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Yes, we do!

Who didn’t get excited when they told us there was a Fifty Shades of Grey movie? And they took long enough to release the trailer, and honestly, I think this is the one that EVERYONE is waiting for.

And if you’re following the ‘ Put a Ring on it’ singer on instagram, you would have already saw the oh-too-short trailer of Mr Grey and innocent Anna Steele.

First you’ll here a sexy moan possible out of Miss Steele, and the strong man hands a little short one when he pulls up her skirt under a table…you’ll have your eyes wide open not blinking, anticipating the next scene..

And still, they’re making us wait till this Thursday, 24th July! How could they?!

Want to know what it looks like? You know what to do.

Image: instagram/beyonce