A new step, to a new beginning.. Marriage. A promise


There was a little girl once. She wished for things that every little girl would, pretty dresses, shiny shoes, a first kiss, & Prince Charming…

Well this little girl, grew up, went to school then to University, working for one the world’s biggest hotel chains and found her Prince Charming..

Recently, she got engaged to this Prince Charming, but she could never believe it was true, that it was happening. He asked for her hand in marriage, & with tears she said ‘yes’..

But then, she asked herself, if she was the right person for him, was she his Princess? She asked so many questions to herself, too many actually, but she managed a few things:

1) Don’t think too much

If he didn’t love you, he would have never have got on one knee, & asked her to be part of his life.

2) She’ll get through this part of her life TOGETHER 🙂

As much as she believes that she’s not doing enough, don’t. He’s there by her side, with his arms wide open and an extra shirt, just in case she floods the first one 🙂

3) He’s got different ways of showing it, but she knows that she’s picked the right Prince

Whether or not he comes on a white horse, with a glass slipper, it doesn’t matter, because even if he comes with a bicycle and a flip-flop, she knows that he’s all she’s ever wanted.

Dreams come to some, at different times. It’s not always about fate or wishes. Sometimes, it takes more than that. Effort is key, & in this case from both the Prince and his new Princess.

*these are from her own experience. She only speaks for herself.  


Ringly ~ Don’t miss a thing


How many of us girls put a million things in our bags, with our phones in it? MOST of us do. & by the time you find that there’s a hint of vibration coming from your oh-so-stuffed designer bag, you’d have probably missed that important phone call, or a text from the guy you’ve had a crush on. Bummer.

But these babies aren’t going to allow that! Made in the USA, and bluetooth-enabled,  these chic, simple and technology-friendly rings are going to make sure you don’t miss any notifications or messages while you’re busy out and about doing errands. This also means that you don’t have to be on the phone all the time, or be worried you’ll miss a business call.

Ringly, which I think is one of the most handy things a busy girl should have, comes in 18K matte gold 3 micron plating using precious and semi precious stones. All you have to do is connect the ring to your phone using the Ringly app (iOS and Android), put on the ring and voila! you’re good to go 🙂 Built with 4 different vibration patterns and 5 colors, you’ll know what exactly is coming through your phone customized by you!

Priced from UD 145 each, you’ll never want it to leave your finger..EVER! Pre-order now at Ringly.com


Info: Ringly.com


Proenza Schouler: Swimwear Collection ~ Not just for the Beach.

It started off with two people who was passionate about fashion. Known to have designed the signature and anti-it bag, PS1, Jack and Lazaro have been busy with other collaborations. I fell in love with their designs after knowing of the PS1 and finally owning it ( as a prize) and it’s my favourite bag till now and also to many celebrities like Dakota Fanning and Jessica Alba.
With their recent collaboration with M.A.C, spending couple of years to come up with the perfect collection of make up and now swimwear!
I always love a great bikini, being in a tropical country, you might just be able to wear them whenever you hit a nearby beach or, your friend’s condo for a quick swim.
After signing a deal with Swimsuits Anywhere, PS debuted their first ever swimsuit collection during their Resort 2015 preview presentation. The collection will consist of 20 swimwear designs, that include bikinis, one-pieces, and pareos (mmmm :)). The collection is made of two particular themes, surf and skate, and fashion styles.
I truly adore anything and everything they have ever designed. I would love to get my hands on these swimsuits, but I think the next nearest place I could probably get them is in their new store in Singapore.
This duo has captured my heart and I can’t wait to see Proenza Schouler’s next upcoming project!
 till then 🙂

Image: Instyle.com

Longchamp’s New Collection : Roseau Box.

Check out Longchamp’s new line of bags : Roseau Box Tote ! It comes in very elegant colors. The bag is made from the classic Roseau line with a frosted finish. 

The beautiful rectangular bag also rigid leather, straight-cut finishes and beautifully patinated calfskin that make a supremely stylish and elegant statement. 

It looks amazingly beautiful and it’s perfect for a romantic date night, or a long day in the office. 🙂 

Photos courtesy of Longchamp.

check them out at longchamp.com ! 

till then 🙂 

Now Showing : Kate Spade’s Film Collection for JULY !

Crazy about the movies ? Get yourselves these cool ready-to-go Kate Spade film collection goodies to your next movie date ! ( suitable for all movie genres ) 😉

Here are my favorites ! :

Cinema City Popcorn Bag

Lights, Camera, Action! Terry
Cinema City Bangle

Directors Clapboard Ipad Sleeve

Directors Clapboard Silicon Iphone 5

Cinema City Samira 

Cinema City Coin Pouch
Cinema City Belt 
Grab it all and head on to the cinemas now ! 🙂 
Pictures courtesy of Kate Spade
till then 🙂 

YOLO: #FranceToulouse

I’m sorry for the lack of updates, i’ve been so busy with school work and assignment due dates, i didn’t get to even really touch my computer to blog.

Anyhoo, I don’t know how interested are my posts but this is the pictures from my France trip, but this time in Toulouse. We went to amazing churches, and to Capitole as well. The streets were filled with gorgeous people and shopping !!! The best times I’ve had in France was in Toulouse. The food, the crowd, and the view all breathtaking 🙂

( Pictures courtesy of Lau Sze Meng)































































































































Till then 🙂

What’s in my Cosmobox this month ?

Hello guys ! This is my next post about my subcribtion from Cosmobox ! Sorry about the picture, I’m still trying out the new app my friend told me about 🙂 
I pretty liked this month’s box cause of the Maybeline New York : Volum’ Express Hypercurl Cat Eyes Mascara ! I loooooove mascaras ! I don’t know how good it’ll look on me yet, but there’s only one way to find out ! 
Here’s the list : 
1. B.liv by cellnique 
2. Murad Resurgence Hydrating Toner 
3. Murad Essential-C day moisturizer SPF 30|PA++ 
4. L’oreal Professional : Liss Ultime Masque 
5. Collistar : Biorevitalizing anti cellulite concentrate ‘Mesotheraphy’ Effect 
6. Cosmobox : Natural Looking Eyelashes 
Want the goodies I have ? Head over to boxculture.com & have it delivered to your house ! 
Till then 🙂 

Introducing Burberry Kisses !



This is pretty random, but I really have to share this with you guys ! Burberry and Google has came together and created Burberry Kisses ! This is their works of sending digital messages, sealed with a real kiss ! It uses a ‘ innovative kiss recognition’ technology, to be able to send their kiss to anyone, anywhere across the world.

I have tried it and it’s pretty cute !!! You can do this with your smartphone and tablets with the touch screen capabilities, or even the webcam on your desktop ! If you have neither then, Burberry have the ‘quick kiss’ ready for you. Not only that, you even get to choose the color of your kiss color also provided by Burberry.  You get to see your kiss sealed message fly to your loved one as well (real time ! * screams*) !

So ladies & gentlemen, get your lips pouting and kiss away at kisses.burberry.com

ps. the music of this video is really good 🙂
Image : Thinkwithgoogle.com
till then ! 🙂

My first item from Chanel.


Chanel Espadrilles 🙂

I adore fashion, and I love looking at glossy magazines about bags, and clothes, and make up. It’s like I’m lost in those pretty glossy pages of those beauty books that I try to buy every month.

Lately, I had my trip to France with my university, and I was in love. It took me awhile to really soak in that I was in the fashion world, all the way to the other side from where I was from. I was closer to it, the the magazines that I read.

So, other that the sightseeing, and that I was still in awe that I was in Paris, France, we did the shopping bit 🙂 I didn’t know much of Chanel ( HOW COULD I ?!! ) till my besties told me about it, better yet, they had real life examples to show me with. It’s not that I don’t know Chanel at all, I do. But they gave me better insight of it.

Then, after walking awhile, we were there. At 31, Rue Cambon. Unfortunately, it was a Sunday, and it was closed. So we decided to go there after our return from Toulouse. But, my jaw was on the floor when they told me that, this Chanel boutique was the first one that Coco Chanel has opened on the ground floor, and I was right across of it !

We took pictures and I sucked it all in while I can. Then while we returned from Toulouse, we went there as Max wanted to get some stuff and I was thinking of getting a pair of espadrilles which I saw on many fashion bloggers.


31, Rue Cambon, Paris
 (Photos courtesy of Sze Meng Lau)

When I got into the boutique, I couldn’t believe I was actually in it. The bags, the shoes, and the jewelry was all like a dream come true. The staff were all nice and they assisted Max in what he needed and I finally got my espadrilles !

This is my first time buying Chanel, so I was pretty psyched with the way it was packaged and all 😉 (sorry :/)
till then 🙂