Silken Bonds – Zara Devereux


I would totally recommend this book – especially those of you who secretly devoured the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.

Let’s cut it to the chase, shall we? Perhaps meant as a Christmas read, I only got this book recently from a book sale – probably most of you have already read it, speaks of Tamzin, who broke up with her boyfriend, yeah you guessed it. During Christmas.


Lonely and bored, she agreed to go for a party with one of her friends – to find out that it wasn’t some casual party, but a party where you don’t tweet about or even, talk about to your friends (unless they’re open to stuff like that) Yes, we’re talking about some s** party here people, don’t try to act all innocent.

& of course, the fun don’t just stop there. Suddenly finding out this startling desire of hers, she’s decided to go with her friend, to some sort of resort, Cheveral Court – equipped with various activities: Spa, mani, an indoor swimming pool, massages. Everything you’ll find in a spa resort – with a little extra 😉 Along the way, she found something truly mesmerising – Guy.

Coated with the words like ‘Master’, ‘toys’, and definitely a thorough description of those ‘activities’, I thought this book was some sort of comforting, especially the setting. I love that it was written in the season of Christmas (my favourite!), but I also thought it was meant to be soothing to a woman’s eyes, being in a Spa resort and all.

So descriptive that at some parts, it’ll make your heart beat so loud, I was embarrassed, even in front of my husband.

I won’t give too much away, I don’t like spoilers and I’m sure you won’t too.

Don’t be shy, I know you’re already blushing just reading about it.. 🙂



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